Alice Mollon

Night and Day

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Time and Time Again

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The New York Times

How to Stand Up for Yourself

Animated header and article illustrations for a subscriber guide in the New York Times.


Humanity is more important than money — it’s time for capitalism to get an upgrade

Quirk Books

My Lady's Choosing

Book cover for My Lady's Choosing - an interactive, follow-your-heart romance novel by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris. Published by Quirk Books.

Apart Design Studio

Buy to Let

The New York Times

Teaching Children To Be Assertive

Group IMD

St. Patrick's Day

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World Book Day


Design News


Words I Wish I could tell my Younger Self

Full page illustration and spots to accompany the words of wisdom that Alison Rose, NatWest CEO of Commercial & Private Banking, would have wanted to share with her younger self. In a special 'Made by Girls' issue of Stylist.

The New York Times

Being Assertive At Work


Absobloodylutely Auction Catalogue

An illustrated map of London's art scene from 1991 - 2011, for a special catalogue accompanying the Absobloodylutely auction at Christie's.


Designing CRISPR to benefit everyone

For an article about the work of Geoffrey Siwo, a systems biologist looking to make CRISPR (a gene-editing technology) work for everyone, not just the privileged few. Published on the TED Fellows Blog.

Group IMD

Targeted TV Advertising

For a Group IMD newsletter on the subject of the new technologies that will soon allow TV ads to be personalised and targeted, just like they are online.

The Hoxton

Hotel Guest Booklet

Full page illustrations and spots for a 'survival guide' placed in each room of The Hoxton Hotel in Paris.

Wellcome Trust

How family responsibilities affect careers in science

Portland Monthly Magazine

The Contenders

Full page illustration accompanying a feature on the three women of colour candidates vying for a city council seat in Portland, 2018.

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Back to Work

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Online Dating


The Dream Issue

Full page illustration to accompany Rachel Bower's Riches poem.

Cog Design

Cultural Calendar

Header illustration celebrating, and looking back on, the best of culture in 2017: from exhibitions and shows to theatre and dance.

Wellcome Trust

Collaboration across borders

The Architects' Journal

MIPIM Conference

Header illustration for The Architects' Journal blog covering the annual MIPIM conference in Cannes. With Brexit looming, UK architects attended the 2017 event under a climate of uncertainty.

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Year of The Dog

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Errratum Journal: Issue 13

A one page comic responding to the theme of Silly Job. For issue 13 of illustration journal Errratum, distributed worldwide.

Personal Work

Self Reflection


New Job Starter kit

The Hoxton

Hotel Keycards

Illustrated keycards for The Hoxton Hotel in Paris, depicting key assets of the hotel and its location.


Satirical Stickers

A selection of satirical, HR-themed and tattoo-inspired stickers. Created for HR platform Charlie and their customers.

Personal Work

How Pencils Are Made

A slightly whimsical portrayal of a pencil factory in action.





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Time is Money

Lenny Letter

My First Heartbreak Was Losing My Best Friend

Editorial illustration for a story by Jenny Rachel Weiner about her first friendship heartbreak. Published in Lenny Letter.


Can you be nice and make people work hard?

Header illustration for an article exploring the balance between being the 'nice guy' and getting what you need from your employees.

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Year of the rooster

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Visiting Switzerland

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International Women's Day

Self-initiated work to celebrate the voice of all women.

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App Illustrations

Illustrations and patterns for Portify, an app that provides financial support, flexible insurance and other perks for the on-demand workforce.

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Birthday Cake

A team of little helpers putting together a multi-tiered birthday cake.

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Children's Book Week


Brand Illustrations

Series of illustrated scenes and characters as part of a brand refresh for Ravelin, who offer real-time online fraud detection.

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Hump Day

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