Alice Mollon


Black Dog & Leventhal

Better Together

Personal Work



A limited edition print created for DrawFor to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

Miraclon / Kodak

Transforming Flexo


A closet in the cloud

For Vogue Spain, on the increasing popularity of renting your entire wardrobe online. Longlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2020.

The New York Times

How to Stand Up for Yourself

Animated header and article illustrations for a New York Times guide on how to be more assertive in every aspect of life.

The Economist

Looking Without Looking

Stylist x ITV

How TV writers keep us hooked

Series illustrating some of the common screenwriters' techniques that keep us glued to the screen. Published in partnership with ITV, in anticipation of their new thriller Cheat.


Tools to Track, Set and Conquer your goals

Black Dog & Leventhal

Smarter Living

Cover artwork and typography for the Smarter Living book, which pulls together some of the best bits from The New York Times column of the same name - covering home and work life, health, finance, and relationships.

Earth Day

Personal Work

Personal Work

The Mansplainer

Personal Work

Self Reflection

Portland Monthly Magazine

Cop Out

Personal Work



Hurricane Thunberg

Illustrations for a long read on the 'Thunberg' effect in Spain, and what young Spanish people are doing to combat climate change.


Service Down

Molly Norris Walker

Design-Driven Growth

Book cover illustration for Molly Norris Walker’s Design-Driven Growth, a guide to successfully growing a company by combining UX design with business strategies.


Fair Trade Shopping




4 women on the everyday habit that empowers them

The New York Times

Always Another Puzzle

Header illustration to accompany a tribute from writer Doug Watling to his crossword-loving late mother.

The Economist

Run, Don't Walk

Illustration for an article on the race for scientists to create a vaccine for Coronavirus.

Personal Work

Time is Money

Black Dog & Leventhal


One of five chapter illustrations for the Smarter Living book by the editors of The New York Times. Chapters are: work, nest, invest, relate, and thrive.


United We Save


The Invisible Muslim

Book jacket illustration for Medina Tenour Whiteman's personal reflections on religious and cultural identity, and what it means to be a white Muslim.

The Girlfriend / AARP

Finding The Right Marriage Counsellor


Signing up for a PrEP trial


Designing CRISPR to benefit everyone

For an article about the work of Geoffrey Siwo, a systems biologist looking to make CRISPR (a gene-editing technology) work for everyone, not just the privileged few. Published on the TED Fellows Blog.

Personal Work

Fruity & Festive

Greeting card design for the holidays.

Group IMD

St. Patrick's Day

Quirk Books

My Lady's Choosing

Book cover for My Lady's Choosing - an interactive, follow-your-heart romance novel by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris. Published by Quirk Books.


Safe Space


The Regramming Etiquette


Shrinking Feeling

Cover illustration for a feature article on how raising rents and other factors are leading to smaller and smaller commercial kitchens, and how the food industry is dealing with these changes.

Economia Magazine

More Might for the Good Fight

Illustration for an article outlining how the UK government and finance professionals are working together to crack down on money laundering.

The Hoxton

Hotel Guest Booklet

Full page illustrations and spots for a 'survival guide' placed in each room of The Hoxton Hotel in Paris.


New Job Starter kit


The Power in not winning


Changing attitudes to smoking


Turning A Blog Into A Business

Planet Mindful

Planet Mindful Cover

Cover illustration for the Spring 2019 issue of Planet Mindful magazine, a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine published by TI Media.


Saving for the Long term

Night and Day

Personal Work

Personal Work

International Women's Day

Self-initiated work to celebrate the voice of all women on International Women's Day.

Personal Work

World Book Day


Sustainable materials

Personal Work

Preparing for the Holidays

The New York Times

Teaching Children To Be Assertive

Googling your ex

The Girlfriend / AARP


A Positively Prickly Business

Illustration for the Scouts membership magazine for a feature on Gynelle Leon, owner of PRICK, London's first cacti and succulent shop.

The New York Times

Being Assertive At Work